Way of Presentation

 1. Information for Oral Speakers:
There are two options for the equipment.

1-1. Basically, we will prepare Windows PC in which Microsoft Power Point 2010 is installed. We also prepare Macintosh. for Mac. users. We ask the speaker to bring their data to the registration desk and check the operation. The name of data file is asked to include the date of presentation and family name (ex. may21Lyklema). The file will be installed on the desktop of the PC. We will receive the data file from May 20 at registration desk. Install of your data is asked to be completed at your earliest convenience.

1-2. However, in order to prevent the accident at movie or animation, The oral speakers also can use their own personal computer for their presentation. We will use the connector which facilitates the simultaneous connection of four computers. In this case, please let our operator know beforehand.

  In both cases, we ask all speakers to check the proper operation at least by the break before the session. For the case of the first session in the morning. We ask to check one day before. Please note that time is very strict.

  Allocated time for the presentation are:

12 min.for lecture, 5 min.for discussion, 1 min.for change.
  Key note
18 min. prestation, 6 min.for discussion, 1 min.for change.
32 min. for lecture 7min. for discussion 1min. for change.

2. Notice for Poster presentation:

  The dimensions of poster board are 180 cm in height and 90 cm in width in portrait. Please leave a space (20 cm x 20 cm) for your poster number. Pins will be available at the session site.
  The core time of poster session will be

May 21st
13:10-14:10 for odd poster number
14:10-15:10 for even poster number

We ask to hang poster until the end of May 23.
One or two excellent poster will be awarded at BQ.

3. Copyright policy:

  For the purpose of the protection of originality of presenters, no systematic photo and record is allowed during presentation. The data file will be deleted from our computer after the presentation.