Nobuhiko Nomula Lab


Microbes have thrived on Earth since long before multicellular organism appeared. These microbes have evolved during the long history of Earth and have also greatly contributed in developing the current eco-systems.
The strategies that the microbes use to survive are fascinating and keep on attracting our curiosity. In our laboratory, we are interested in understanding the diversity and fundamental of life through the amazing life of microbes.


2017.9.2    We attended at the Annual Meeting of the JSBBA, 2017 (Kanto Area).
2017.8.31-9.1    JST ERATO Nomura Project exhibited at JST Fair 2017 (the Tokyo Big Sight).
2017.8.29-31    We attended at the Joint Seminar on Environmental Microbiology 2017.
2017.8.25-26    The Conference on Functional Genomics of Gram-Positive Microorganisms 2017 was held.
2017.8.2-4    We attended at the 11th WAKATE Colosseum Bacteriology (Mount Tsukuba in Ibaraki).

JST ERATO Nomura Microbial Community Control Project

"JST ERATO Nomura Microbial Community Control Project" is Prof. Nomura's simaltaneous on-going project.
Please check the project website for more information!
JST ERATO Nomura Microbial Community Control Project