What is the Global 30?


The “Global 30 Project for Establishing Core Universities for Internationalizationā€œ aims to provide high-quality education in response to the features of select universities and to offer an environment in Japan where international students can easily study. Support for formation of an international core that represents Japan will be provided by an action plan (shown below). Our goal is to nurture advanced human resources capable of international success in an environment where students work hard and learn from each other.

Action Plan

Forming an implementation structure for classes held in English
In globally competitive undergraduate schools and graduate schools, we will provide a structure with classes held in English and where students can obtain academic degrees by studying in English.

Streamlining the system for accepting international students

We will provide student support for international students through specialized staff (such as tutors and counselors), undertake Japanese language instruction, employment support, and supplementary education, as well as promote university entry periods at times of the year other than April.

Promoting strategic international collaboration

We will establish overseas bases where “one-stop service” procedures will streamline the acceptance of international students.


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