Orientation session (online)

Orientation session (online) will be held for the people who will be enrolled into JMSES in April 2023.
We wellcome anyone who are interested in our program!
Please send your information through the Google form shown below, so that you can receive URL to join it soon afterward.

Date and Time: May 12 (Thr), 2:30pm (~1 hour)

※Please send your information through the Google form.
※Orientation will be conducted in English (If participants are only Japanese, it will be in Japanese)
※We will take the movie of this orientation session (online). If you miss the orientatin, just contact us. 

Webinar for Japanese Ecosophy


   Dr. Zaini Ujang (Secretary General, Ministry of Environment and Water, Malaysia), who is also a visiting professor in
      University of Tsukuba, will give a lecture on 

"Japanese Ecosophy"

  During his sabbatical, he conducted research on "Japanese Ecosophy" on Tsukuba at 2018.

  Ms. Mariko Saito, an alumnus of JDP-UT home, will participate as a panelist.
  If you would like to attend the lecture, please use the QR code in the image.

  When you put your name, please input your "Affiliation_Name".
  You will be able to enter the webinar after approval from MJIIT, the organiser of this event.

  We are sorry for the last minute notice, but we hope you will consider joining us.


Call for Application to SDGs Internship in Malaysia


      This year's SDGs internship is held online.

  Join us for group work and lectures on the SDGs with students from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and other        
     universities in Malaysia.

     If you would like to attend, please contact us for more information.

Call for Application to SDGs Internship in Malaysia


Participants are invited to the “SDGs Internship in Malaysia” sponsored by the JMSES (period: February 23rd to March 1st, 2020). The application deadline is Wednesday, December 11th.
SDGs internship wii be opend at Malaysia for about a week,
Group work with the students of the UTM and other University (the theme of the SDGs) and visiting to the Malaysian environment.

Students who are selected for this internship will receive 100,000 yen (planned).
Academic students (graduate students are OK) are looking forward to your application.

The purposes of this internship are as follows.

・ Experience the actual education and research of this major
・ Inspired to consider going to JMSES as master course student
・ Learn how students in other countries think through student exchanges
・ Share issues and solutions for implimentation of the SDGs

To apply, fill out the required information on the application documents (← click),
Please submit the document converted to a PDF by e-mail or submit the hard copy to the office of this Program
(1st floor of the Environmental Disaster Prevention Research Building) or as a pdf.

             jmses [at] (Please change [at] to @) when submitting by email.

In group work, each group has discuss the issues for achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
and the solution. Therefore, for grouping, select from the 17 SDGs that will be the theme of the group work,
and describe from first to the third choice on the application document.

Advance briefing will be held at the following date and time. You can apply even if you cannot participate.

If you have any questions, please contact us (click on the banner (contact us) on the left to contact us).

[Explanation date and time]

November 29, 16:00, Environmental Disaster Prevention Research Building, 2nd floor, Lecture Room 203

December 3rd, 16:00, Lecture Room 203, 2nd floor, Environmental Disaster Prevention Research Building
                    Co-hosted with Professional with JMSES



JMSES Seminar 2019 - Japan's perspective from overseas to overlook environmental policy&education -


Seminars on the environment, environmental policy, environmental awareness, and culture will be held on the following dates.

The speaker is Professor Zaini Ujang.

Professor Zaini is a world-renowned environmental engineering scientist who has published many research papers via international academic journals on top level.
He also served as the Secretary-General on the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (currently the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education) and the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water.
This seminar is based on these experiences.


Seminar title
JAPANESE ECOSOPHY -10 Lessons on Environmental Sustainability-

Date and time: Friday, October 4 from 16:00 to 17:30

Place: University of Tsukuba Environmental Disaster Prevention Research Building, 2nd floor, Lecture Room 203


This seminar summarizes the research results byDr. Zaini's on environmental policy, education and culture in Japan and abroad for many years.  There is also content from "Japanese Ecosophy-a traveler's notes-".

 Please feel free to join this seminar.


Congratulation Ms. Hasleeda!

We are pleased to inform that JMSES's first student, Ms. Hasleeda Kamarudin, has been awarded Outstanding Presentation Award of Japan Section of the Regional Science Association International (JSRSAI). 

Her research is focused on water sustainability in Malaysia related to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). She presented at JSRSAI meeting in Hokkaido, Japan in last October. Congratulation!


The title of presentation: 

Integrated Water Resources Management Implementation for Langat and Sagami River Basins: A Comparison


Comments from Ms. Hasleeda: 

By participating in JSRSAI, you will not only present your research but also be able to attend other presentations. From that, you will learn from others and improve your own skills and knowledge about your field. It is also a great platform for you to engage with others, ask questions and see them after the panel to build networking.


Joint Seminar in Malaysia 2018

*Application period is closed for this year. Thank you.

Our joint course by University of Tsukuba and MJIIT is held at Kuala Lumpur campus at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia every February. This February, we are recruiting undergraduate and graduate level students who will participate in our Joint Seminar at MJIIT-UTM in KL, Malaysia. Up to JPY 100,000 will be covered by program for your airfare and accomodation in Malaysia.


We are recruiting...

  • Undergraduate students who are interested in applying for our JMSES program
  • Graduate students who are able to discuss about tropical environmental studies and issues to be soled in tropical Asia


Date: 19 to 25 February, 2019  (including flight)
Application forms can be donloaded from here.

PDFengWORDeng  *11/30 updated

Deadline: 5PM Friday 14th December


Office of JMSES at 103 Laboratory for Environmental Disaster Prevention Research



For other undergraduate students, you are able to apply for "International Study Group Project with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 2018" which is recruited by Global Commons. Please go to Global Commons Website and apply for it.


2 Open Lecture by Professor Dato' Seri Zaini Ujang

Professor Dato' Seri Zaini UJANG

Former Secretary General KeTTHA (Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water), Malaysia / Visiting Professor University of Tsukuba

Professor Zaini was succesively held the position of vice-president of IWA (International Water Association), who is a specialist of water engineering and environmental policy making. We welcome students who are interested in global environment and water issue. 


 (Undergraduate level)

Date&Time:Thursday, November 8, 2018 16:45~18:00


(Graduate & public level)

Date&Time:Monday, November 12, 2018 17:00~18:30


Venue: 203 Laboratory for Environmental Disaster Prevention Research, University of Tsukuba


These lectures are free and open to the public. All lectures will be given in English.



Open Seminar 2018

This is an announcement of our open seminar.

  • JMSES research seminar 2018
  • September 21, 2018  14:00~17:00
  • at 203 Environmental Disaster Prevension Research Building, University of Tsukuba


Invited Speakers 

  • Dr. Shaza Eva Mohamad

”Potential sustainable biotechnology application of microalgae and  Recent Research In Environmental and Green Technology Department, MJIIT”

  • Dr. Roshafima Binti Rasit Ali

”Antimicrobial Bioplastics for Food Packaging and Recent Research Development in MJIIT”

  • Dr. Koji Iwamoto

”Algal biomass research in Malaysia: utilization of local resources for sustainable development”



All lectures are given in English. Free Admission.

Guest Speakers from MJIIT will give a lecture about their research in Malaysia.

TGSW 2018 Session 3-4: Beyond Borders for SDGs Implementation

This is an announcement of our open seminar at TGSW 2018.

Session 3-4: Beyond Borders for SDGs Implementation

  • September 22, 2018  14:00-17:00
  • at Conference Room 202A, Tsukuba International Cngress Center


《Time line》

14:00-14:05  Opening Remarks
-Professor Maki TSUJIMURA (University of Tsukuba)

14:05-14:45  Special Keynote
"Climate Action for Integrated Water Resource Management: from Sabo Structures to Water Conservation"

-Professor Dato' Seri Zaini UJANG (Former Secretary General KeTTHA, Visiting Professor University of Tsukuba)

"Effect of Mecoprop (RS)-MCPP on the Biological Treatment of Synthetic Wastewater in and Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor"

-Associate Professor Muhamad Ali Bin MUHAMMAD YUZIR (Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology/Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

15:05-15:35  Poster Presentation & Coffee Break
"Aerobic Granulation for Industrial Wastewater"

-Associate Professor Norhayati Binti ABDULLAH (Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology/Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

"Anaerobic Digestion for Efficient Biogas Production from Organic Waste by Integration with Thermal Gasification"

-Associate Professor Gang LUO (Fudan University)

"Exploring the Dissemination Mechanisms of Environmental Innovations across Developing Nations: the Role of Innovative Performance and Absorptive Capacity"

-Associate Professor Helmut YABAR (University of Tsukuba)

16:40-16:55  General Discussion
16:55-17:00 Closing Remarks
-Dr. Shaza Eva Binti MOHAMAD  (Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology/Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)




Please make a registration at TGSW2018 official website below.      《Admission Free》

Joint Seminar 2018

University of Tsukuba and MJIIT held a Joint Seminar from Feburary 26 to 27 at KL campus, MJIIT.

JMSES's first student gave a presentation to share and improve her Master's research. Both UT and MJIIT faculties and students actively participated in the discussion.

This year we recruited 12 students from UT to participate the Joint Seminar. In the seminar, they had group-working with MJIIT students to develop skills of scientific communication. They also visited campus of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, KL city and local monitoring sites.  

Reports from participants are here.