JMSES Seminar 2019 - Japan's perspective from overseas to overlook environmental policy&education -


Seminars on the environment, environmental policy, environmental awareness, and culture will be held on the following dates.

The speaker is Professor Zaini Ujang.

Professor Zaini is a world-renowned environmental engineering scientist who has published many research papers via international academic journals on top level.
He also served as the Secretary-General on the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (currently the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education) and the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water.
This seminar is based on these experiences.


Seminar title
JAPANESE ECOSOPHY -10 Lessons on Environmental Sustainability-

Date and time: Friday, October 4 from 16:00 to 17:30

Place: University of Tsukuba Environmental Disaster Prevention Research Building, 2nd floor, Lecture Room 203


This seminar summarizes the research results byDr. Zaini's on environmental policy, education and culture in Japan and abroad for many years.  There is also content from "Japanese Ecosophy-a traveler's notes-".

 Please feel free to join this seminar.