A’an Johan Wahyudi


【Name and Field studi】

Name: A’an Johan Wahyudi
Field studi: Marine biogeochemistry


【Occupation, name of company or place of employment】

Occupation: researcher – Research Center for Oceanography-Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)


【The content of your job】

Research in marine science (including marine biogeochemistry, marine ecology, etc)


【The content of your research when you were student】

Biogeochemical role of Gaetice depressus (Crustacea, Varunidae) in boulder shore ecosystem.

The research consist of
1). Stable isotope signature and pigment biomarker evidence of the diet sources of Gaetice depressus (Crustacea: Eubrachyura: Varunidae) in a boulder shore ecosystem → published in Plankton and Benthos Research, 2013, 8, 55-67
2). The role of Gaetice depressus in flow of organic C and N, → Accepted in Ocean Science Journal


【The most impressive thing in your school days】

Sakura (cherry blossom); commuting between Chiba to Tsukuba, almost everyday during my live in Japan;


【Message to juniors】

Do everything with the best effort you have