The Master Program of Environmental Science has three entrance exams a year: SUSTEP entrance examination (May), August term entrance exam (late August), February entrance examination entrance (late January – early February). Applicants can take one or more of these exams, and if they pass even one, they can enroll. Of course, even if you can not pass in one of the exams, you will be OK if you pass the other exam after that.

I will explain the outline here.

The SUSTEP entrance examination (May) is an entrance exam for “SUSTEP” which is a program in which you can take credits and graduate completely in English only. Japanese students can also take this exam. If you pass this entrance exam, admission will be October of that year. Those who want to start studying in October and study only in English, please challenge. This SUSTEP entrance examin is the only entrance exam for entrance in October (Applicants who passed other exam should enter in April). Those who have passed other exam are also possible to take SUSTEP, but will be enrolled in April to the last.

The August Exam and the February Exam are similar entrance exams to each other, except for the time and capacity. We will perform a general selection and a special selection which is for students who have occupations. In both cases, acceptance or rejection is decided based on both the document examination and the academic achievement examination. In the general selection there is a foreign language test and an oral exam (interview). In the special selection, there is no foreign language test but an oral exam (interview). Please submit the results of TOEIC, TOEFL-iBT, IELTS,  which you took in advance in a foreign language exam (Note).

You have two opportunities of entrance exam. You should pass either one of them. Even if you cannot pass the first exam, you can take second one again.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admission Office ( for Environmental Studies Major.

Admissions for the Enrolment in October 2023

Program Application period Examination Result announcement current status
Master’s Program (SUSTEP) April 10-May 8 2023 June 8-June 9 2023 June 30 2023 Completed

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Japanese Application
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Admissions for the Enrolment in April

Official information [for the Enrolment in April] is found in [Application Guide here], please be sure to check it.