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Master's Thesis Titles by JDS Fellows

Our theses library includes bound copies of those by JDS fellows

Our theses library includes bound copies of those by JDS fellows

In principle, thesis topics for JDS fellows in the Master's Program in Environmental Sciences are to be related to environmental policy though approaches to practical applications are also acceptable. Bound copies of these theses are stored and open for view in the Program office.

  • AKHTER Masuma. “Renewable Energy Production and Nutrients Recovery from Livestock Waste through Dry Anaerobic Digestion”
  • Aminath Mohamed. “Assessing the Effectiveness of Waste Management Policies and Legislation to Promote Recycling: A Case of Malé City, Maldives”
  • BE NGOC DIEP. “An Evaluation of Provincial Climate Change Adaptation in Vietnam to Support the Implementation of the National Adaptation Plan”
  • Chakma Sushmita. “Land Use Land Cover Changes of Indigenous Peoples’ Inhabitant in Chittagong Hill Tracts”
  • Duong Hong Nhung. “Flood Hazard Risk Assessment in the Downstream Area of the Ba River Basin in Vietnam”
  • Epa Achchillage Suneth Neranjan Wimalawardhana. “Clarifying the Roles of Bedrock Geology on Landslide Geometrical Variation: Case Studies in Japan and Sri Lanka”
  • Gur Bayarmaa. “Examining the Capacity of Mongolian Customs’ Organizational Culture for Reducing Environmental Crime”
  • HOSSAIN Amir. “Highway Drainage Planning Using GIS and Remote Sensing: A Case Study in Sirajganj District, Bangladesh”
  • JOHARA Fatema Tuz. “Roles of Bangladesh Ansar at Key Point Installations in Ensuring Effective Emergency Response to Disasters”
  • Kariyawasam Ranaweera Kankanamalage Dayani Nadeeka Ranaweera. “Seasonal Rainfall Distribution over Sri Lanka and Impacts of El Niño Southern Oscillation”
  • Sumaa Mohammed. “Opportunities and Challenges for Circular Economy in Maldives: A Stakeholder Analysis of the Informal Sector in E-waste Management in the Greater Male' Region”
  • THEOTHAVONG Bouathong. “Climate Risk Perception and Its Determinants Among University Students in Laos”
  • Tuvdendorj Zorig. “Meander of Mid-latitude Westerly and Occurrence of Dzud in Mongolia”
  • VUONG THU HOAI. “Assessing the Impact of Proposed Waste Separation Guidelines on Residents' Willingness to Participate and Contribute to Improving the Current Waste Management System in Hanoi, Vietnam”
  • XAYPHA SANGKHAN. “Improving Disaster Preparedness through School Education in Laos: A Case Study in Attapeu Province”
  • Jayasekara Sachintha. “Tropical Cyclones and Low-pressure Systems in the North Indian Ocean and Extreme Weather Events over Sri Lanka”
  • Jayasuriya J M Randeera Damith. “Assessing Construction Workers’ Challenges in Managing Construction and Demolition Waste in Sri Lanka”
  • Liyanage Manjula Pradeep Gunathilake. “Sustainable Management of Rehabilitated Sivalakulama Tank Cascade System in Galenbidunuwewa Divisional Secretariat, Sri Lanka”
  • Silva Kulappuwa Wadu Kimesha Irangika. “An Analysis of Coconut Production and Price Forecasting in Addressing Farmers’ Climate Change Adaptation in Sri Lanka”
  • Aktar Kohinur. “Potential Environmental Benefits of Introducing Community-based Biogas Plants from Dairy Farm Waste: Case Study in Sirajganj District, Bangladesh”
  • Aziz Md Shah. “Optimizing Recycling Industry in the Waste Sector in Bangladesh: Introducing Integrated Waste Management Approach in Dhaka City”
  • Fuad Md Akter Faruk. “Development and Extension of Organic Agricultural Farm Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh”
  • Sultana Sharmin. “A GIS Approach to Sustainable Livestock and Agricultural Residues Management in Dinajpur District, Bangladesh”
  • Bui Anh Huy. “Coastal Erosion Detection by Remote Sensing and GIS in the North of Vietnam”
  • Hoang Hanh Thi My. “Social and Economic Impacts of Payment for Forest Environmental Services Policy on Individuals Service Providers in Quang Tri Province, Central Vietnam”
  • Le Hien Thu. “The El Niño Southern Oscillation and the Increasing Trend of Typhoon from 1990 to 2020 in Vietnam”
  • Nguyen Anh Thi Mai. “Willingness to Pay for Marine Ecosystems Conservation in the Context of Tourism Development in Cat Ba Islands, Vietnam”
  • Nguyen Dieu Thi Huyen. “Influence of Durian Intercropping on Chemical Properties of Soil under Coffee Farm in Krong Pak District, DakLak Province, Vietnam”
  • Tran Thao Thi Thanh. “Comparison of Granular Stability and Nutrient Removal from Swine Wastewater between Two Types of Aerobic Granular Sludge Systems”
  • Aung Pyae Phyo. “Flood Inundation Mapping and Emergency Action Plan: Case Study in Swa Chaung Dam, Myanmar”
  • Khin Zaw Win. “GIS-based Scenario Design for Environmental Optimization of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Myanmar: Case Study in Mandalay City”
  • Chinbat Enkhchimee. “Characteristics of Soil in the Surrounding Areas near the Low-Grade Copper Ore Dump in Mongolia”
  • Dashtogtokh Tumurtsooj. “Evaluation of Water Quality by Using Hydrological Data in Selenga River Basin, Mongolia”
  • Gansukh Davaajav. “Stakeholder’s Perception of Challenges on Ger Area Re-planning Policy in Ulaanbaatar City of Mongolia”
  • Shajbalidir Amarbileg. “Assessment of Groundwater Quality in the East Gobi Basin, Dornogobi, Mongolia”
  • Nilathsay Vathsouda. “Promoting Renewable Energy to Develop a Low Carbon Society in Laos: A Case Study of Spatial Site Selection for Solar Farm in Vientiane Capital”
  • Sengkhamyong Xaysompheng. “Assessing the Economic Value of Ecosystem Service Based on Community Perceptions: A Case of the Phou Chom Voy Protected Area, Lao PDR”
  • Yakubu Abdulai. “Biogas Production from Co-digestion of Cowpea Hull and Waste Activated Sludge”
  • ADEGLE STEPHEN YAO. “An Analysis of Value Chain Upgrading for Rice Farmers’ Organization in Ghana”
  • Baffoe Jonathan Darkwah. “Socio-economic Impacts of Postharvest Losses of Rice on Farmers and Swampy Wetlands in the Northern and Ashanti Regions of Ghana”
  • BAYARSAIKHAN UNDRAKH. “Accuracy Assessment of the Vegetation Indices Derived from the GCOM-C Satellite in Mongolian Grassland”
  • Kashfia Nowrin Choudhury. “Strategy to Minimize Flood Hazard Impact on Road Network of Bangladesh by Using GIS”
  • MOHAMMAD MOSLEHUDDIN CHOWDHURY. “Impact Assessment of Landslide Risks of Road Network in Hilly Regions of Bangladesh due to Climate Change”
  • Dashdendev Munkhbadral. “Promoting Sustainable Mining in Mongolia: Identifying Current Policy Gaps”
  • Khamvene Khampasong. “Uncertainty in Future Change in Tropical Cyclone Activity over the Western North Pacific”
  • Khin Myo Sat Aye. “Water Quality Assessment of Ayeyarwaddy River Basin in Mandalay: Environmental Implications”
  • Kuttubek kyzy Gulzada. “Reframing Raw Milk Value Chain Quality Control Policy in the Kyrgyz Republic”
  • Myint Myint Tun. “Evaluation of Soils with Reference to Land Use Types and Farming Systems in Central Dry Zone, Myanmar”
  • PHAM BAO LONG. “Urban Flood: Apply Design Rainfalls to Evaluate the Capacity of the Drainage System in Cau Giay District in Hanoi, Vietnam”
  • Phethany Viphanou. “Numerical Modeling of Discharge in Se Bang Fai River Basin, Lao PDR”
  • RAMMUNI DILINI VASUNDARA KUMARI SILVA. “Hydrothermal Treatment of Sewage Sludge to Produce Biosolid Fuel”
  • G. M. SALIM. “Examining the Impact of Climate Change on the Shrimp Industry in Bangladesh: An Economic Perspective”
  • Sekimov Adilet. “Improving Loss and Damage Assessment for Disaster Risk Management in the Kyrgyz Republic”
  • SENEVIRATNE HEWAPATHIRANAGE THUSHANI JAYAMINI. “Economic Valuation of Eliminating Solid Waste Dumping into Pinga Oya Stream, Sri Lanka”
  • TANG QUYNH ANH. “Application of Simulation Analysis in Selecting Greenhouse Gas Reduction Options: A Case Study of Viet Nam”
  • MD TANJIM. “A Study on the Mainstreaming of Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan in the Health and Gender Sectors of Bangladesh”
  • TRINH DINH DUY. “Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Irrigation Water Requirements for Agriculture in the Ma River Basin in Thanh Hoa Province in Viet Nam”
  • Tsevegjav Boldbaatar. “Examining Green Building Development Trends and Prospects in Mongolia: Case Study of Office Spaces in Ulaanbaatar City”
  • Ulziibaatar Munguntuul. “Using Herders’ Traditional Knowledge to Conserve Rangeland in Murun Soum, Mongolia”
  • Mohammad Haider Kamruzzaman. “Controlling Road Vehicle Emissions in Bangladesh: A Quantitative Assessment of Fuel Tax”
  • MAHAL ZINAT. “Development of Integrated Approach for Poultry Waste Management in Bangladesh: The Potential Socio-economic and Environmental Benefits of Introducing Geo-spatial Analysis”
  • SAHA Pankaj Kumar. “Impact of Intermittent Aeration Strategy on Aerobic Granular Sequencing Batch Reactor for Domestic Wastewater Treatment”
  • Shamima Yasmin. “GIS-based Flood Risk Mapping of Bangladesh Highway Network Considering Negative Impacts of Climate Variation: Analysis of Adaptive Measures”
  • Kutah Joseph King Junior. “The Impact of Small-scale Mining on Agricultural Production in the Western Region of Ghana”
  • NUHU MOHAMMED GALI. “Assessing the Vulnerability of Rice Production and Famers’ Resilience to Climate Change in the Upper East Region of Ghana”
  • YAMOAH CHARLES. “The Evaluation of Water Sources for Sustainable Agriculture in Ghana”
  • Kasymbekova Lira. “The Role of the Public Administration in Sustainably Developing Rural Areas of the Kyrgyz Republic”
  • Tashiev Ruslan Maripovich. “Waste Management Education Impact on Environmental Awareness at Schools in the Kyrgyz Republic”
  • Phoumma Thilaphone. “An Analysis of the National Component for the Mekong Integrated Water Resources Management Project in Lao PDR”
  • Vongsouli Panyaphet. “Comparative Study on Phosphorus Removal from Wastewater by Using Al2(SO4)3, CaCl2 and FeSO4”
  • Baasankhuu Nyamsuren. “Backscattering Analysis of GPM Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar for Vegetation Detection in Mongolia”
  • Enkhbaatar Davaanyam. “GIS-based Analysis of Air Pollution Mechanism in Ulaanbaatar City: Air Quality Improving Measures”
  • Jambaldorj Bayarmagnai. “Analysis of Particulate Matter (PM10) Emission Sources in Non-heating Season in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia”
  • Khurelbaatar Undarmaa. “Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Potentials in Mongolia through Carbon Mechanisms: Case of Energy Sector”
  • May Zin Myint. “Willingness to Pay Money and Time for Community Forest Management: A Contingent Valuation Study in the Central Dry Zone of Myanmar”
  • Ariyawansha Siripatul Devayalage Nuwan. “Identification of Spatial and Temporal Variations of Roofing Materials to Reduce Asbestos Usage in Sri Lanka Using Hotspot Analysis.”
  • Gajasinghe Arachchige Ganga Kavindi. “Development of Activated Hydrochar from Paddy Straw for Nutrients Adsorption and Crop Water Management”
  • Hemakumara R. M. N. C.. “Impacts of Sand Mining Industry on Interprovincial State Land Management in Mahaweli Riverbank, Mahiyangana, Sri Lanka”
  • HOANG DUONG. “Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Ha Long bay: Scenario Application Analysis based on Life Cycle Assessment Approach”
  • NGUYEN QUANG DUC. “Impact of Food to Microorganisms Ratio on Bacterial Aerobic Granular Sludge and Algal-bacterial Granular Sludge Systems: Comparison on Performance and Granular Stability”
  • TRUONG VAN THINH. “Mapping Annual Forest Cover for Vietnam during 2015-2018 Using PALSAR-2 and Ancillary Data”
  • VO HOANG HA. “Climate Change Awareness and Adaptation: A Case Study of Smallholder Farmers in the Coastal Area of Phu Vang District, Vietnam”
  • Sujay Chowdhury. “Climate Change Adaptation Policy Actions in the Coastal Areas of Bangladesh”
  • Al-Imran Ruhul Islam. “Analysis of the Biogas Energy Recovery Potential from Agricultural Residues in Rural Bangladesh: Environmental and Socio-Economic Implications”
  • Mohammad Sayed Momen Majumdar. “Land Use Change and Livelihoods in a Coastal Region of Bangladesh and the Effectiveness of the Legal Framework towards Resource Conservation in Sundarbans”
  • Md. Zia Uddin. “A Study on Environmental and Economic Impact of the Proposed Dhaka-Chittagong Expressway”
  • AKOMEAH Prince. “The Impact of Illegal Gold Mining on Sustainable Smallholder Rice Farming Projects in the Ashanti Region, Ghana”
  • KYEI Kofi. “The Efficiency Analysis of Rice Farmers in the Upper East Region of Ghana”
  • ZAKARIA Abdul-Razak. “Smallholder Rice Farmers’ Perceptions and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Upper East Region of Ghana”
  • MAKHMUDOVA GULZHAN MIRSULTANOVNA. “The Remediation Policy after Mining Works in the Kyrgyz Republic”
  • STAMKULOV MARAT ANARBEKOVICH. “The Climate Change Adaptation Policy for Agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic”
  • YSABEKOVA BAKTYGUL ABDIMUTALIPOVNA. “Establishing the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Sustainable Pastureland Management in the Kyrgyz Republic”
  • KHURELBAATAR JAVKHLAN. “A Policy Study on Sustainable Urban Development of Ulaanbaatar City”
  • NARANBAT NASANJARGAL. “A Study on Air Pollution Reduction Policy in Ulaanbaatar City through the Promotion of Solar Heating System”
  • PA PA SHWE SIN KYAW. “Application of Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) to Assess the Impacts of Land Cover Changes on Stream Flow and Sediment Yield in Bago River Basin, Myanmar”
  • SU MYAT MON. “State-owned Forest Resource Utilization at Enclave Settlements in Sothern Shan State, Myanmar and the Effectiveness of Forestland Demarcation”
  • HEWAWASAM VINDYA. “An Analysis of Climate Change Secretariat Initiatives to Achieve the National Climate Change Policy in Sri Lanka”
  • MIHIRI KOKILA WIJESINGHE. “Realizing the National Disaster Management Policy of Sri Lanka through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)”
  • MUNASINGHE NIMALI LAKMINI. “The Assessment of Disaster Safety at Matara District General Hospital in Sri Lanka”
  • DUONG THAI BANG. “Characteristic of Suspended Sediment and Flow in Downstream of Mekong River, Southern Vietnam”
  • HO THI HANG. “Effect of Nanobubble Water on Anaerobic Methane Fermentation of Lignin”
  • NGUYEN HONG VAN. “Investigating Characteristics of Salinity Intrusion in the Mekong Delta”
  • PHAN CAO DUONG. “Analysis of Land Cover Changes in Central Vietnam Using High Resolution Multi-spectral-temporal Remotely Sensed Data”
  • TA HOANG TRUNG. “Land Cover Change Mapping in Southern Vietnam Using Multi-temporal High-resolution Satellite Remote Sensing Data”
  • Karim Md Rezaul. “Municipal Solid Waste Management through Promotion of Public-Private-Community Participation: Case Study of Mymensingh Municipality, Bangladesh”
  • Daud A Z M Farhan. “Mitigating the Negative Impacts of Road Construction on the Indigenous Peoples of the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh”
  • Begum Swapna. “A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Bus Rapid Transit Project at Dhaka in Bangladesh Focusing on Air Pollution”
  • Abiemo Jerome Edem. “The Environmental Implications of the Increase Use of Pesticides among Smallholder Rice Farmers: A Case Study of the Aveyime Community, Ghana”
  • Ernest Ohene Nkansah. “Comprehensive Evaluation of Biochar Application in Rice Production: A Case Study of Wenchi Municipality, Ghana”
  • Antwi Adwoa Oforiwa. “Local Markets' Price Perception through Weights and Measures in Ghana”
  • Karpaeva Aisha Sadybakasovna. “The Mining Sector Capacity Improvement in the Kyrgyz Republic through Building Effective Cooperation among Governments, Mining Companies and Local Communities”
  • Baibolotov Rakhat Kasymbekovich. “Effects of Application of Green Manures on Soil Micromorphological, Physico-chemical and Biological Properties of Andosols”
  • Gan-Ochir Davaajargal. “Evaluation of the Cost and Benefit of Adopted Air Pollution Strategies in the Ger Area, Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia”
  • Shagdarsuren Chantsalnurmaa. “A Study on Possibilities of Green Development to Solve Environmental Pollutions in Ulaanbaatar City: A Case Study on Eco-district”
  • Than Naing Win. “Analysis of Environmental Impacts of Current Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Mandalay City, Myanmar: Benefits of Introducing Integrated Solid Waste Management Approach”
  • Tin Min Htoo. “Life Cycle Assessment of Comprehensive Municipal Solid Waste Management in Yangon City, Myanmar: Integrated Approach Towards Waste to Energy Recovery”
  • Dinesharachchige Anura Kumara Amaradewa. “Sector-specific Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emission using Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis for Sri Lanka”
  • Batugoda Gedara Siri Karunaratne. “Analysis of the Benefits of Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management for Land Use Planning: A Case Study of Kandy Municipal Council, Sri Lanka”
  • Vu Van Nam. “Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Hanoi: Scenario Analysis Based on Life Cycle Assessment Approach”
  • Tran Thi Loi. “Changes in Fishery Circumstances and Livelihood Options, and Local People's Perceptions of Resource Conservation in Xuan Thuy National Park, Vietnam”
  • Chu Minh Thu. “Evaluating Drought Indices for Agricultural Drought Monitoring in Gia Lai Province, Vietnam”
  • Le Viet Minh. “A Study of Drought Management for Ben Tre Province in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam”
  • Uddin Mohammad Amin. “Providing Human Security to Rural People in Bangladesh through Sustainable Development: Human Trafficking as a Concern of Human Security”
  • Rahman Md Mahbubur. “Quantitative Inundation Risk Assessment of the Coastal Road Network for Extreme Climate Events in a Vulnerable District of Bangladesh”
  • Enkhbat Oyuntselmeg. “Enhancing Eco-standardization Policy for Public Bathhouses in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia”
  • Enkhbold Bayarmaa. “A Study on Urban Parks Accessibility to Improve Current Urban Parks Planning and Management in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia”
  • Tin Maung Oo. “The Comparative Study on Soil Fertility within Different Forest Types for Forest Conservation in Mt. Popa, Myanmar”
  • Hung Khui Shein. “Comparison of Forest Structure Between Natural and Secondary Forests in Dry Tropical Forest in Mt. Popa, Myanmar”
  • Weerasuriya Moreen Bimali. “Impact of Grazing Severity on Soil Properties in Upcountry Intermediate Zone of Sri Lanka”
  • Kandiah Renugapathy. “Water Budget and Usage in High Drought-Borne Area in Jaffna District, Sri Lanka”
  • Nguyen Tu Minh. “Study on Using Granular Sludge Sequencing Batch Reactor to Treat Synthetic Wastewater from Shrimp Cultivation”
  • Pham Thuy Duong. “Current Situation and Feasibility Analysis of Rice Straw Management in Vietnam”
  • Hoang Thanh Tung. “Analysis of Land Cover Change in Northern Vietnam Using High Resolution Remote Sensing Data”
  • Hoang Phan Bich Ngoc. “Impacts of Forestland Allocation Policy on Forest Resource Utilization and Livelihoods of Local People in Le Thuy District, Vietnam”
  • Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai. “Assessing the Co-benefits of Clean Development Mechanism Project in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in Vietnam”
  • Hoang Trung Thanh. “Climate Change Mitigation Potential in the Solid Waste Management Sector in Developing Countries: Case Study in Hanoi Capital City, Vietnam”
  • Le Hoang Anh. “Hydrological Environment of Surface Water and Groundwater in Ninh Thuan Province, South-east, Vietnam”
  • Nguyen Thu Thuy. “Economic Assessment of GHG Emission Reduction Options for Rice Cultivation in Vietnam and Farmers' Perceptions toward the Options”
  • Nguyen Thu Thuy. “Hydrological Characteristics of Surface Water and Groundwater in Hanoi Capital City, Vietnam”
  • Chakma Kisinger. “Impacts of Landless People Resettlement Policy on Mangrove Forest Resources in the Hatiya and Nijhum Islands of Noakhali District, Bangladesh”
  • Akkas Mohammad Tanvir. “Hydrological Characteristics of Groundwater Resources in Dhaka City, Bangladesh”
  • Odgerel Dalkhjav. “Evaluation of Environmental Impacts of Tannery Effluents in Tuul River with Water Quality Index (WQI), Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia”
  • Galdnaa Munkhzul. “Study on the Violation of Norm of Urban Planning in Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia”
  • Vo Thi Thu. “Applicability of Community-based Forest Management to Mangrove Forests in Xuan Thuy National Park, Viet Nam, and Its Effects on Local eople's Perceptions on the Conservation”
  • Erdenebadrakh Munkhjargal. “Snowfall Variation in Mongolia and its Relationship with Atmospheric Circulation”
  • Nguyen Thi Tam. “Perceptions of the Local People toward Small-scale Mangrove Conservation in Viet Nam: Two Cases in Thua Thien Hue Province”
  • Tran Dang An. “Groundwater Flow System at Coastal Region of Soc Trang Province, Southern Vietnam”
  • Nurymkhan Marjangul. “Biological Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium and Mechanism Analysis of Detoxification by Enterobacter sp. HT1 Isolated from Tannery Effluents, Mongolia”
  • Pham Thi Thanh. “Potential of MODIS EVI Time Series Datasets to Support REDD+”
  • Bui Thi Tuyet Van. “Groundwater Flow System in Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam”
  • Budjav Khishigjargal. “Hedonic Analysis of Land Prices Focusing on Urban Amenities: A Case Study of Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia”
  • Miah Md Tofail. “Mitigation of Socio-Economic Impacts in Involuntary Resettlement due to Infrastructure Development in Bangladesh”
  • LE KHANH LY. “Study on the Thermal Environment and Residents' Behavior in the Courtyards of Traditional Tube Houses in Hanoi, Vietnam”
  • VU, Van Minh. “Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change on Water Allocation in the Upper Cau River Basin-Vietnam”
  • NGUYEN, Thi My Quynh. “Mapping of Soil Erosion in the Binh Dien Reservoir Watershed using the RUSLE Model in GIS and Remote Sensing”
  • HA, Nam Thang. “Seagrass Mapping Using ALOS AVNIR-2 Data in Lap An Lagoon, Vietnam”
  • DANG, Nguyet Anh. “Economic Valuation of the Nha Trang Bay Marine Protected Area(MPA) : A Willingness to Pay Survey for MPA Conservation Programs”
  • NGUYEN, Tu Anh. “Policy Options for REDD+ Implementation and Enhancing the Participation of Local People in Ba Be National Park, Bac Kan Province, Viet Nam”
  • DAO, Minh Khue. “Sustainable Management of Wastewater emitted by Paper Making Activities in Phong Khe Craft Village, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam”
  • MUNKHUU, Undraa. “Succession and Regeneration of Pseudo-Taiga Larch Forests After Fire in Tarvagatai Mountain Range, Mongolia”
  • YADMAA, Tseveenkhand. “Environmental Management through Tourism in Khan-Khentii State Special Protected Area, Mongolia”
  • BADAMSED, Delgermaa. “Impacts of Herder Livelihood on Waterbird Habitats in Mongol Daguur Strictly Protected Area and its Buffer Zone and Possible Solutions for Wetland Ecosystem Conservation”
  • GANTUMUR, Tuvshinjargal. “The Integrated E-waste Management System in Mongolia : Learning from the Experience of Developed Nations”
  • KHANAM, Syeda Masuma. “The Empowerment of Rural Women in Bangladesh for Environmental Conservation : Integrating Traditional Knowledge and Environmental Education”
  • SHAHJAHAN, Mohammad. “Adoption of a Clean Development Mechanism for Sustainable Development and Economic Growth in Bangladesh”
  • Gonchig, Gantulga. “The Establishment of Sustainable Livestock Farming Service in Galshir, Mongolia: Challenges and Possibilities of Integrated Governance.”
  • Nyamsambuu, Khishigsuren. “Optimal Pastureland Use Planning in Bayan, Mongolia using Remote Sensing and GIS.”
  • Pham, Tien Dat. “Mangrove Area Change Analysis for Coastal Environmental Management in Hai Phong city, Vietnam using Remote Sensing and GIS.”
  • Nguyen, Thi Thuy Phuong. “The Effect of Forest Management by Local People to Forest Resource and Local Livelihood in Nam Dong district, Thua Thien Hue province, Viet Nam.”
  • Hossain, Fakir Muhammad Munawar. “Socio-economic Background of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in the Whykong Forest Range of Bangladesh.”
  • Ngo, Thi Lan Phuong. “A New Approach to Municipal Solid Waste Governance based on a Sound Material – Cycle Society Initiative in Hanoi, Vietnam.”
  • Natsagdorj, Natsagsuren. “Evaluation of factors affecting on soil moisture in semi-arid regions in Mongolia.”
  • Bhuiyan, Abu Taher Mohammad Kamrul Kabir. “Introducing Socio-Environmental Management Policy Guidelines for Financing of Electric Power Projects in Bangladesh.”
  • Nguyen, Thanh Nga. “Estimation of Direct Use Values of Wetlands: A Case Study of Xuan Thuy National Park, Ramsar Site, Viet Nam.”
  • Hoang, Thanh Tung. “Policy for Risk Management in the Rice Value Chain to Adapt with Climate Change in Vietnam.”
  • Zagdragchaa, Otgonbayar. “Cycle-oriented Environmental Study in Hide and Skin Processing Factory: Removal of Chromium from Tannery Wastewater by Adsorption onto Cost-effective Material.”
  • Turdumatova, Nazgul. “The Legal Framework of Nature Conservation and Protected Area Management in the Kyrgyz Republic.”
  • Nguyen, Trung Thuan. “Pollution Control Policy for Wastewater in Hanoi City, Vietnam.”
  • Nguyen, Thi Thanh Huong. “Establishing the Municipal Solid Waste Management in Hochiminh City, Vietnam.”
  • Nguyen, Van Tra. “Study on the Influence of Urban Growth to Agricultural lands in the Peri-urban of Hanoi City.”
  • Alibakieva, Cholpon Kameldjanovna. “An Evaluation of Renewable Energy Resources Potential in the Kyrgyz Republic and the Role in Climate Change Mitigation.”
  • Dolgorsuren, Saruul. “Pasture Resources Use by Nomads of Mongolia and the Necessity of Sustainable Regulation: The Case of Lake Hövsgöl.”
  • Duong, Van Thang. “Identification and Characterization of Oil Producing Algae in Vietnam Sea.”
  • Lamjav, Oyunjargal. “Inter-annual and Inter-decadal Variation of Precipitation and Its Influence on Pasture Production in Mongolia under Ongoing Global Warming.”
  • Nguyen, Tien Phuc. “An Evaluation on 3R Efficiency for Comprehensive Waste Management and Treatment Systems in Hanoi, Vietnam.”
  • Tsolmon, Namkhainyam. “Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emission of Mongolia: Input-Output Analysis.”
  • Zholdoshova, Umut Kochorbaevna. “Livelihood of Local People and Their Perception towards a Protected Area: A Case of Karatal-Japyryk State Nature Reserve, Kyrgyzstan.”