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Links for Your Safety Management on Campus


This page is designed to give you some useful websites that may provide information in English for you to manage your own safety on campus. You are also encouraged to maintain regular contact with your friends and family as well as your professors and JICE personnel regarding safety of your on-campus life.

1. Earthquakes

  1. University of Tsukuba Evacuation Sites
    For evacuation on campus, please read this PDF document.
  2. Japan Meteorological Agency’s Earthquake Information Site
    Check “Earthquake and Seismic Intensity Information” and “Information on Seismic Intensity on Each Site” for detailed description of earthquakes. Click on the map to enlarge your area.
  3. Disaster information for tourists

2. Fukushima Revitalization

3. Typhoons (Tropical Cyclone) and Others

4. COVID-19 Information