Environmental Policy & Practice atThe University of Tsukuba-JDS Program

Academic Activities


Fieldtrips and Internships

1. JDS Program
Each year, the JDS committee organizes a number of fieldtrips to study regional environmental policy and practice in Japan. These trips are specifically designed for JDS fellows.
 JDS fellows may organize individual research fieldworks under the supervision of their academic supervisors. For more information, please consult your supervisor.

2. Master's Program in Environmental Sciences
One compulsory course, “Field and Laboratory Works on Environmental Sciences,” offer a number of day excursions and special lectures for all students who belong to the Master's Program in Environmental Sciences. The guidance for this course is provided in the beginning of April.
 This program also has offered international internships. In the past, students visited the Yunnan province, China, Indonesia, and Bhutan. Please check the availability of these internships at the beginning of April. Responsible faculty members will provide a guidance on the internships then.