Environmental Policy & Practice atThe University of Tsukuba-JDS Program

Photo Gallery


Below Mount Tsukuba, the wheat field colors the valley in June.

Cherry blossom blooms at the Ichinoya student resident in April.

The Ichinoya student residence is surrounded by rich green areas.

Heitaro Pond in the Ichinoya area often invites water birds.

Heitaro Pont also provides a sense of serenity to students.

The landmark cherry blossom in the Ichinoya area.









The Central Library entrance houses Starbucks coffee shop.

The inside the Central Library.

The campus roads are usually surrounded by rows of trees like this photo.

The fountain area near the plaza.

Many students commute by bicycles.

Our Environmental Sciences or Rikakei building.

A view of "Satoyama" and paddy fields from the top of Mount Tsukuba.

Our main plaza: A large crowd of people gather here especially at our annual fall festival.

Mount Fuji is often spotted from the airplane.

The Tsukuba Center or downtown.

Our dogwood tree blooms
in April and May.

The campus road with Keyaki trees in autumn.

The Matsumi pond area on campus is surrounded by Keyaki trees. In autumn, the leaves turn to various colors.

Graduation Ceremony July 2012.

Ramsar site, Oze National Park

JDS International Seminar 2012