Environmental Policy & Practice atThe University of Tsukuba-JDS Program

The Master's program in Environmental Sciences and The Doctoral program in Sustainable Environmental Studies at the University of Tsukuba has offered an environmental policy-related degree program to a number of young environmental leaders. They have come from Bangladesh, Mongolia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Ghana, Laos, Maldives, and Philippines and were/ are funded by the prestigious Japanese government's grant for human resources development scholarship or JDS. Among many graduate schools in Japan, we are the only graduate program that offers environmental policy studies to JDS fellows.

When JDS fellows join our environmental sciences program with a major focus on environmental policies, they become part of the Japan's oldest graduate program in environmental sciences, the history of which has spanned more than 30 years. This tradition continues with our unbroken commitment to scholarly innovation and social/ international responsibilities. And most of our JDS graduates have inherited this tradition in pursuing their advanced career paths in their respected countries.